Refugee Scholarships

Top Scholarships For Refugee Education

Top Scholarships For Refugee Education

Studying courses on refugee rights is not just an academic pursuit; it’s a crucial step towards building a more compassionate and just world. Understanding the intricacies of refugee rights empowers individuals to become advocates for those in vulnerable situations, helping them access the protection and support they urgently need. These courses shed light on the legal frameworks, international agreements, and humanitarian principles that guide the treatment of refugees, equipping students with the knowledge to make a tangible difference in the lives of displaced individuals. Moreover, such education brings empathy and a deeper understanding of the global refugee crisis, encouraging students to contribute to solutions that transcend borders and ultimately uphold the principles of compassion, justice, and human dignity.

Here’s the list of top scholarships to support your education in this area:

DAFI Scholarship (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative)

  • The scholarship is offered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • The purpose of the program is to support young refugee women and men who possess a secondary education diploma to pursue higher education in their first country of asylum
  • Available primarily for refugees in Germany and other participating countries( Syrian refugees, as well for refugees originating from Afghanistan and Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • The purpose for the same is to support higher education for refugees, covering tuition fees, language courses, and living expenses

The Windle Trust International Scholarships

  • The Scholarship is offered by Windle Trust International
  • Scholarships are for refugees and conflict-affected individuals from Africa (Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan or Somalia)
  • To address the huge gender inequality in education among the communities in which they work, they seek to give priority to girls and women
  • Provides scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK, Sudan, and Uganda
  • Scholarship includes:
    – Fully funded academic tuition fees
    – A maintenance stipend for the entire period of study
    – Return airfare between the candidate’s country of residence and country of scholarship (for scholarships overseas)
    – Leadership development training
    – Since its inception in 1992, over 15,500 young refugee women and men have received and studied with a DAFI scholarship

World University Service of Canada (WUSC)

  • The scholarship is offered by the World University Service of Canada.
  • It is a resettlement program that provides opportunities for refugees to continue their post-secondary studies in Canada. Refugees sponsored through the program become Permanent Residents when they arrive in Canada.
  • Since 1978, the program has supported over 2,200 young refugees to continue their education in safe and supportive environments on Canadian campuses across the country

The Scholarship Program for Syrian Students (SPSS)

  • Is a scholarship initiative aimed at providing educational opportunities for Syrian students who have been affected by the conflict in Syria. This program is often offered by various institutions and universities in the United States and Canada
  • The SPSS scholarship program  offers financial support and educational opportunities for Syrian students to pursue higher education in North America 

The IIE Scholar Rescue Fund

  • It provides fellowships and support to scholars, including academics, researchers, and university professors, who are facing threats to their lives and work in their home countries. The program’s primary goal is to help these scholars continue their academic work in a safe environment.
  • The IIE-SRF provides financial support, including a stipend, housing, and health insurance, to scholars during their time in the program. It also helps with resettlement and supports scholars in finding temporary academic positions.
  • The support provided by IIE-SRF is typically temporary and intended to help scholars continue their academic work until it is safe for them to return to their home countries 


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