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Ask all your questions related to studying abroad. We will answer all.

What is Personalized Call Service?

A call that will connect you with current students who are studying abroad & callers will get practical & honest answers to all your question from real-time students.

Personalized consultation call (1 hour)

  • Get practical & honest answers to your questions from existing students from the university you are dreaming for!
  • Ideal pack if you have a range of questions
  • Connect with us so we can give you maximum information in an hour
  • No restrictions in terms of content

We may not be Google, however; our Personalized Call feature will answer all queries related to studying abroad.

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What is Personalized Call Service?


Customized Advice

Get customized advice from current students, no agents, and commission tie-ups influence advice.


24*7 Supports

WhatsApp reaches our network of several students from top universities, meaning no delays in replies.


University Short listing

Get support choosing a university based on your desired course, career paths, ambitions, and profile.


University Tour

Video tour of university with the help of current students.


Financing Guidance

Scholarship application assistance and advice


Visa Assurance

Complete visa application process guidance.

To get your queries resolved, connect with our experts.

What will be the outcome of the Personalized Call?

All your queries get solved related to abroad education such as


  • Best scholarship?
  • Eligibility Criteria?
  • Documents required?


  • Best program?
  • Duration of the program?
  • Eligibility criteria?
  • Job opportunity post the competition?


  • Best university?
  • Courses they offer?
  • Fees?


  • Eligibility Criteria?
  • Fees?
  • Duration?
  • What if I want to extend?


  • Living cost?
  • Food Expenses?
  • Traveling expenses?
  • Miscellaneous

Ask all your questions related to studying abroad. We will answer them all.

Why Us?

Get guidance from current students from your dream university.

Know about the course in detail which you would like to pursue.

Get all the details about job opportunities & internship after the course.

Get all the relevant information about the scholarship’s options.

Know your dream university campus & facilities in detail.

Information related to pocket-friendly accommodation.

Clubs & societies in the university you select.

Country? Course? University? College?
Our experts know it all. Get quick guidance from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Will It Cost to Study Abroad?
  • How Much Planning Is Required Before Applying for A Study Abroad Course?
  • Can I Work While I Study?
  • How Long Does the Application for Studying Abroad Process Take?
  • What Are the Possible Difficulties I Might Experience on My First Visit Abroad?
  • How Do I Cope with Language Barriers in A Country?
  • Where to study
  • Budget & finances
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Phone plan
  • Cultural shock

It will be a good experience as you will be alone & learn new things however it is not easy when you are alone.

When you are in a new country you have to take care of many hurdles & you may feel homesick.

  • Try to learn the local language
  • Get connected with local people
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Be in your comfort zone initially
  • Keep yourself motivated & positive
  • Wide career opportunities
  • Learn new language
  • Possess new skills
  • Get to know various cultures
  • Independence

When you study abroad you gain confidence & problem-solving skills & that will help in career growth.