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    Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an elaborate essay that you have to write while planning to take admission in a foreign University. It involves specific information like- Introduction of yourself, your career insights, motivation and reason for pursuing the specific course that you have chosen.
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    Statement of Purpose talks more about your plan after completing the course & why did you choose MBA & specific university for an MBA. SOP also helps in understating how you are going to add value to the university & how the university is going to help in your career growth.
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    A statement of purpose is nothing but a personal message, an essential document & a part of your study abroad applications. SOP gives a glimpse of your personality & all the information related to personal & professional experience.

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Why Us?

Panel of 4 Current students from universities you have selected will be drafting an Statement of Purpose for you.

We make sure your SOP is more customised to the course and university you have chosen.

For foreign Universities, personalized SOPs have an equal weightage to grades. To create the SOP that matches the University's requirements, you can get the guidance of experienced students studying in them.

Personalised paragraphs for each university and Country you’re applying to (up to 5).

Free CV and LOR review so that we make sure your
SOP is aligned.

SOP Writing Services

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SOP Writing Services

Our SOP writers will help you in penning down the best SOP, that will explain your personality & dream university.

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Customized SOP

Every university & every program needs a different SOP, our expert writers will help in customizing the SOP as per your need.

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SOP Proofreading

We also help in proofreading the SOP, if you have already wrote an SOP we will proff read that as per the requirement.

Need Help With Your SOP? Want It To Create An Impact On The Panelist? We’re Here To Help!

Importance of Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a requirement for the admission panel of the foreign University that you are applying to. It helps them assess you as a person. SOP plays a key role in deciding your acceptance in your dream university. 

It helps the panel understand your motive behind selecting the course, your interest and ambitions for the future. SOPs are very helpful for individuals who are a little weak in academics. You still have a chance to get into your desired university if you have an outstanding SOP that is clear with its intent. 

SOP is your first impression and hence you can’t compromise on it. This is your make or break in terms of securing your seat in the university you have chosen. Therefore it is essential that you take the required steps to write a flawless SOP.

Important SOP Checklist

While writing an SOP you need to pay attention to the following checklist so that you don’t skip them. They will help you write an SOP with minute details.

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    Personal background
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    Financial background
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    Academic goals
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    Published work/ papers
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    Professional Experience
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    Interests/ Hobbies
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    Reasons of course selection
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    Extra curricular activities

How To Write A Good Statement Of Purpose ?

Rechecking Drafts

There are always areas where you can improve. Rechecking the drafts is always a crucial point. You have to keep rechecking until you feel it is perfect. Any ignorance here can cause a dent in your impression. Hence don’t be lazy and improvise your writing.

Final Review

Always do a final review before proceeding with submission. Always get a second opinion from a senior or a professor to ensure it is good enough to submit. Make sure that you have done proof reading of it to avoid any grammatical errors.

Planning the structure of SOP

Create an outline for your SOP and work accordingly. Sharing an anecdote that developed your interest in your subject is a good way to build your introduction. Create pointers and categories, list down your relevant achievements and expertise, and most importantly, your reason behind choosing the course and the university.

Language and Grammar

You have to be very precise with your language and use appropriate grammar. Using tools like Grammarly can really be helpful. Make sure you have framed your sentence right. This document is going to be a representation of yourself and hence you have to take proper care while writing.

Tips to Write an Outstanding SOP?

Engaging Narrative

Do not follow the same narrative of everyone else. You have to write in a way that is engrossing the reader to read till the end. It should be in forms of a statement but should carry your information in a flow. This will help the panel to connect with your essay.

Essay Should Resemble You

When you are writing your SOP you have to ensure that you put forth your experiences in a proper manner. The SOP should resemble who you are. Your interest, your achievement, qualification and your future goals, everything should be mentioned in it.

Balance of Formal and Friendly

While writing you should maintain a balanced tone. Be formal but with a friendly demeanor. A conversational tone creates a good impact on the reader.

Be Honest

Make sure you are not making up things. It will only impact your impression in front of the panels. They will always look for evidence to support the information you have put in the easy. Hence do not even try fooling them.

Be Specific and Crisp

Don’t try to elongate your motives unnecessarily. Exaggeration will get you no where. If you want to write down the reason for your choice, be to the point. Precise information is all they are looking for.

Proofread and Edit

Always read and re-read your SOP until you feel it’s perfect. Take the help of your closed ones and faculties to find faults in your essay. It will help you edit your SOP before submitting.

Struggling with your SOP? Let the Experts Guide You.

Do's While Writing SOP

Undergraduate Postgraduate
Your purpose of taking the program and the opportunities you wish to explore Your short-term and long-term career and personal goals
Your academic journey and accomplishments Evidence of professional achievements
Extracurricular activities Anecdotes of teamwork, leadership and other corporate qualities
Motivation and career aspirations Career expectations from the institutions
Assignments undertaken during studies Noteworthy projects undertaken at work
Internships, if any Volunteer work, if any

Unsure of how to draft an SOP combining all your experience in a single page in an impactful way? We’re here to help!

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    Ideal for students who need complete help to draft an SOP.
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    We will brainstorm a story line and structure for your SOP that best highlights your experiences and motivation in a meaningful way.
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    Drafting personalised paragraphs for each university you’re applying to (up to 5)

Frequently Asked Questions

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a personal statement & essential part of the application for higher studies abroad. SOP gives the idea about the personality, academic excellence & professional journey, SOP helps the admission panel to make informed decisions regarding the admissions.

  1. SOP helps admission panel asses you as a person
  2. It helps the panel understand your motive behind selecting the course
  3. Well written SOP improves the chances of getting the admission
  4. SOP gives the detailed information about your academic & professional journey
  1. Start with introduction, your career interest & movie behind choosin the couse
  2. Give details about your academic background
  3. Wire about your professional experience and extracurricular activity.
  4. Explain your plan related to career

Word count can be 800 to 1000 but it also depends on your selected university.

The end statement of purpose has to be crisp & brief about your overall journey.

Copying an SOP will be fatal, if your SOP doesn’t sync with your application, the admission panel will reject the application.

Yes, every SOP will be read by universities to make the decision about the admissions.

Universities want to know you as a person & your clarity of thoughts & career plans.

Certainly, paragraphs will make the statement of purpose easy to read & understand.

No, as SOP is a part of the application so name is not required.