The practicalities of application procedures are cumbersome and often result in international students missing out on top universities in spite of having the skills because of the generalised advice they receive from educational consultant companies. Today, education consulting has become a business for many and most advisers are not self-experienced to give personal advice and rely on scripted material.
We want to change this and instead provide aspiring students the opportunity to gain advice on their CV, Statement of Purpose and Application form from international students already studying in elite universities.

It’s simple – “By students, for students”

We believe experience is the best teacher and no theory can compensate for this. Thus our aim is to create a unified platform that links student freelance consultants with international students seeking foreign education. This will ensure that prospective students only receive authentic and customised consultation at affordable costs.

We, Inforens, are not any ordinary study abroad consultants. We take it upon our shoulders to connect you to the perfect people that will provide you with all the required information.

While planning for studies abroad, we have questions regarding accommodation to other daily necessities. Documentation is also one of the worries that play over our minds. We need proper guidance on understanding the campus. Walking in blind-eyed could prove to be a disaster in such scenarios.

Therefore, Inforens helps you network with students studying abroad in the USA and UK colleges you aim for, as no one understands the campus and facilities better than a student. It will help you know the necessary facilities in the minimum budget to make your study in the USA and UK smoother and more satisfying.

All you have to do is connect with the students studying abroad. Know all about campus life. If you wish to proceed in the same institution, your new friends will handle the rest.

All you have to do is connect with the students studying abroad. Know all about campus life. If you wish to proceed in the same institution, your new friends will handle the rest.

We need to understand why studying abroad is high on demand? Or what does it bring us? The benefit is mainly the exposure.

Once we move out of the comfort of our homeland to study abroad, we meet with a diverse community of students. It helps us improve our interaction and intellect when it concerns personal growth. While studying abroad, we cross various pre-built barriers for expanding our knowledge. Interacting with people across the globe and the best faculty teaching effective means of study will help us create a noticeable benchmark in our life.

When we decide to study abroad, it enhances our scope in the career we wish to pursue by keeping us steps ahead of other candidates. Opting for foreign studies has helped many increase their confidence and improvise the way they present themselves in front of people. It has made them stand out for the degrees they receive from prestigious colleges. So why think so much? Develop yourself for the better version of yourself.

Maximum students have shown their interests in the well-known Universities of the USA and the UK.

Whether your wish is to study in the USA or the UK, be relieved by handing over all your stressful admission process to us by making us your study abroad consultant. Your only job left would be to prepare yourself and your backpack to start your study abroad lifestyle.

The overall process will ensure a quality study abroad experience that meets your budget.

Boost your career with a well-recognized degree from wide-ranged options of reputable universities in the USA and UK. Live the life you dreamt of by upgrading yourself in the field. Enlarge your opportunities by getting exposure even in foreign lands. As we know, “The more, the merrier.”