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Top Universities in Manchester

The city of Manchester is the mecca for music and sports enthusiasts because of football fervour and the famous Manchester International Festival. With over 99,000 students enrolled, 19,000 of them are international students, Manchester is a favoured destination because of its affordability and student-friendly accommodation.

Top Universities in Manchester

University Of Manchester

The University of Manchester is situated in the heart of the city, surrounded by a number of parks. The University of Manchester was the world’s first and most famous civic university, dedicated to pushing the limits of knowledge through research and teaching. It is well-known for its excellent academic standing and focuses on humanities courses such as Philosophy and Linguistics, as well as science courses. In the QS World University Rankings 2020, the University of Manchester was rated 27th, while in the Times Higher Education 2019, it was ranked 57th. Nobel Laureates Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford, John Hicks, and A.V Hill have all left their mark on the university.

Total International Students10,000
Endowments ValuePound 222.4 million
No.of Campuses2
Yearly Hostel & Meals ExpenseINR 6.9 Lakh

University of Salford

The University of Salford, established in 1967, is a higher education institution in Manchester, North West England, located less than two miles from the city centre. The university has a reputation for being one of Manchester’s finest universities. Several industrial projects and creative development programmes assist the university’s attempts to build a vibrant education community in Salford and beyond. Other enticing university features include huge green areas, parking lots, calm study rooms, and buildings with high-end academic equipment, in addition to sporting facilities.

There are seven schools at the university. From undergraduate to doctoral levels, they provide remote learning in addition to traditional sit-in classroom sessions. On-campus, there are approximately 50 student-run clubs and groups dedicated to diverse social, academic, and self-interests.

UG/PG Course Ratio1: 0.99
Endowments ValuePound 49 million
No.of Campuses4
Yearly Hostel & Meals ExpenseINR 3.8 Lakh

University Of Bolton

Since each institution in the United Kingdom is special and has its own charms, selecting a university in the United Kingdom is not an easy task. The University of Bolton offers a wide range of programmes, including foundation programmes, bachelor’s degrees, pre-semesters, master’s master’s degrees, and MPhil/Ph.D. degrees. Not only that but there are a number of other features that will entice you and make this university an ideal decision for you.

The institution has a high degree of student satisfaction; it was ranked first in the National Student Survey. It offers a welcoming and pleasant learning environment, as well as a focused study group with modern comforts.

UG/PG Course Ratio1 : 0.66
Endowments ValuePound 160,000
No.of Campuses1
Yearly Hostel & Meals ExpenseINR 4.5 Lakh

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University is both a public and a private university, making it one of Manchester’s best universities. With a long history dating back to 1824, the university is one of Europe’s largest higher education institutions. It is one of the best universities in the UK, with 37,000 students and over 1,000 undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional disciplines. It’s easy to see why Manchester is such a popular choice for students from all around the world.

Manchester Metropolitan University receives around 52,000 applications each year. What is it about this institution that has made it so well-known? The university has a distinct atmosphere that you’ll fall in love with the minute you walk in. It’s the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional. It is known as an artist’s mecca, with top-notch filmmakingartgraphic design, and illustration programmes.

Endowments ValuePound 1 million
No.of Campuses2
Yearly Hostel & Meals ExpenseINR 8.3 Lakh

The Royal Northern College of Music

The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) is a well-known international college that offers classical music and art programmes in the metropolitan environment of Manchester. The university offers courses and programmes that lead to statutorily defined higher education degrees such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The college has a long history of drawing talented students from all around the world. The institution provides students with expert musical education as well as research and performing possibilities. Aside from hosting over 400 concerts each year, the college is also a vibrant live music venue that allows students to perform in front of large crowds and interact with professional musicians on a regular basis.

Endowments ValuePound 1.4 million
No.of Campuses2
Yearly Hostel & Meals ExpenseINR 8.9 Lakh

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