best country to study abroad for indian students

Which is the best country to study Abroad?

Table of Content

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. US
  5. UK

Why does a student plan to study abroad? Looking for the best country to study abroad for Indian students? Answers to this question come from varied dimensions of an individual’s mind. Some might say they want to hone their communication skills. Some students might be seeking the best Country to study Abroad for Indian students to find new interests or career opportunities. Whatever be the reason, at the end of the day, studying Abroad has proven to be an asset to many students when it comes to their career. Students also need to figure out which is the best country to study abroad for Indian students.

Scroll further to get an idea about the best country to study Abroad for Indian students along with the reasons as to why these Countries should be your pick!
Top 6 Countries to study Abroad:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. US
  5. UK
  6. New Zealand

1. Study Abroad in Australia

Australian universities provide a multitude of degrees and majors. With a diverse culture, rich flora & fauna, and overflowing job opportunities, Australia becomes the best country to study Abroad. The Australian Government is known to pay more attention to their Education quality, which is good news for students wishing to pursue higher Education from Australia. 

When it comes to expenses, the cost of living in Australia is lower than that of other countries, indicating the following:

Areas of Expenditure Average Expenditure per month
Housing and Utilities AUD 85-AUD 440
Food AUD 80-AUD 280
Study Materials and Books AUD 80-AUD 150
Miscellaneous AUD 300-AUD 500

These expenses might burn holes in the pocket but various job opportunities that Australia has to offer will definitely make up for almost half of the expenses, providing another reason for Australia being the best country to study Abroad for Indian students. Every student is allowed to work for 15 days and the work that he /she might get to do include part time jobs and full time jobs like Retail sales jobs in supermarkets, jobs in restaurants, cafes and bars, Tutor and also in areas of Business Management, computer science, Healthcare, Education, etc. 

Few of the best courses that Australia has to offer are as follows:

Business Management: Course Duration- 2 Years, average Tuition fee/year- AUD 60,000

Law: Course Duration- 1 year, average tuition fee/year- AUD 28,000

 Medicine: Course Duration- 2 years, average Tuition fee/year- AUD 60,000

  Engineering: Course Duration- 3 years, average Tuition fee/year- AUD 35,000

 Computer Science and IT Course Duration- 2 years, average Tuition fee/year- AUD 30,000

The top Universities to look out for in Australia include:

Best Universities  Average Tuition fee per year
Australian National University AUD 33,000- 50,000
University Of Sydney AUD 30,000- 59,000.
University of Wollongong AUD 20,000- 30,000.
University of Adelaide AUD 23,000- 53,000
Monash University AUD 25,000-37,000.

Visa: Before a student decides on the best country to study Abroad, he/she should be well aware of the Visa fees and process for Visa Application. Students going for short courses can opt for a tourist visa but students going abroad for longer courses should apply for an Australian student visa, for which the fees will be AUD 620.

2. Study in Canada

Canada is known to spend more on Education than any other country, which makes it an ideal option for students looking for the best country to study Abroad. Every coin has two sides. Whilst Canada offers the best education opportunities, it is comparatively a costly place.

The average cost of living for a student, excluding rent, is $800.  But Canada also has a lot of part time and full time job opportunities like Working in a restaurant or Tutor for small children, so a proper planning and job will help a student to maintain that balance in expenses. Students can also look out for scholarships by the Government and other organizations in Canada. 

Some best courses along with Universities are listed below:

Best Courses Best Universities
Business Management University of Toronto
Engineering University of Alberta
Computer Science and IT University of Waterloo
Media and Journalism McGill University
Programs Total Duration 
Master’s Program 1-2 Years
Bachelor’s Program 3-4 Years
Doctoral program/ Phd Program 3-4 years
Integrated Program 3-6 years

The Tuition fees asked by Canadian Universities go from 5,000- 25,000 for undergraduate degree programs, 10,000-25,000 for Graduate degree programs and 6,000- 16,000 for Doctorate programs. Even though Canada is a costly place , it has definitely proven to be the best country to study Abroad for Indian students.

Visa: Students will require the SDS Visa Program or the Canada study permit for which the fees would be 150 CAD. Students require biometrics but not personal interviews. 

3. Abroad Study in Germany

The German Higher education system has a reputation for high standards and research proposals which makes it the best Country to study Abroad.The tuition fees of Universities in Germany are quite affordable. 

Here is a list of most sought after universities and courses in Germany:

University Name Courses in Demand
Technical University of Munich Engineering
University of Bonn Business Administration
University of Hamburg  Humanities
Heidelberg University Fine and Applied Arts

Visa: The German Education system is known for its low Education cost worldwide, making it the best country to study Abroad for Indian students but this makes their Visa application process even more complicated . It is wise to apply for a Visa three months prior planning to relocate, along with proper German/French proficiency proofs and Academic proofs, health insurance certificate and declaration of every document’s authenticity. The German Student visa for Indians is around 6,140.00 Indian Rupee,which has to be paid through a demand draft after finishing the interview.

Job Opportunities: When it comes to students working, the German Government lets them work for 120 full days or 240 half days per year. Within these limited working hours, Students can opt for part time jobs like Barista , English Tutor, Content writer/Copy writer, Online translator, etc. Amongst the full time jobs, students can look for jobs in the IT sector or private companies with comparatively less work load.

4. Study in United States of America

5 out of 10 students pick The United States of America for their choice as the best country to study Abroad. Reasons being factors like quality education, multicultural environment, unique curriculum and abundant opportunities to get exposure. Best courses to opt for students include medicine, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, business management, Data Science and Business Analytics, etc. 

Some of the best US Universities to aim for, are as follows:

  1. Yale University
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. Princeton University
  4. Cornwell University
  5. Caltech University

The annual tuition fee  budget for students to study in the US might range from $17,930 in community colleges to $52,500 in private non-profit four year colleges. Reports have proven that despite being on the costlier side, the US has been regarded as the best country to study Abroad by numerous students!

Visa: The application fees for the student visa in the US is $160. Along with the visa the students should make sure to have necessary documents with them like Passport, resume, transcripts, English language proficiency test scores, proof of funds and entrance exam score cards. 

Job Opportunities: With an exemplary education system, the US is home to an abundance of job opportunities both in part time and full time. Some of the highest paying jobs for international students include campus ambassador, teaching assistant, library assistant, research study assistant and the job of a Barista. 

It is up to  the students to choose whichever option they wish to and no matter what they pick, the US will never fail as the best country to study Abroad for Indian students

5. Study in The UK

If you are a student who aspires to spread wings in the business world then there is no better place for you than the UK! 

UK Universities excel in providing courses for young entrepreneurs and business heads who need a little guidance and this makes it the best country to study Abroad for Indian students

Few of the best Universities in UK are listed below:

  • Lancaster University
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • Imperial college London
  • University of Manchester
  • Cranfield University

Best Courses and Job opportunities:

The best courses for a student to consider in the UK include Computer science, MBBS, MBA, Law, Engineering, Architecture and fashion designing, etc. Students can take up part time jobs like student ambassador, library assistant, retail worker, receptionist, because the living expenses might demand extra pennies to spare! The tuition fees itself might go up to a maximum of £9,250 per year for undergraduate degree programmes.

Visa: The current fee for a student visa is £363 (~US$418). If a student, you will also need to pay a healthcare surcharge per year in order to access the National Health Service (NHS) during your stay. This is an additional cost of £470 (~US$540). 


 It is not enough to just dream of pursuing higher education in the best country to study Abroad. Dreams demand effort as well!

A student must do proper research and be aware of the approx expenses and find out the required details regarding the best country to study Abroad from various offline and online platforms. A student needs to know the area of interest and pick the countries and universities according to his/her course preferences. The degree from a University Abroad holds a lot of credit so the decisions should be taken wisely and with a lot of precision. 

To know which country is the best to study abroad for Indian students Inforens can help you out.