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Scholarships In UK for Indian Students

scholarship in uk for indian students

The UK Government announces 75 scholarships on the 75th Independence Day of India.

UK Government is offering fully funded 75 scholarships in the UK for Indian students, this initiative is taken considering the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence.

Along with UK governments Chevening Scholarships, HSBC India, Pearson India, Hindustan Unliver, Tata Sons & Duolingo are the part of this initiative for scholarships.

Fully funded 75 scholarships are applicable for the academic sessions which are going to start from September 2022. It is available for a One year program.

The British Council In India also offers 18 scholarships for women who want to study science, technology, engineering & mathematics and it covers 12,000 courses in 150 UK universities.

HSBC offers 18 scholarships in the UK for Indian students, Pearson India will offer 2 & 1 each will be offered by Hindustan Unilever, Tata sons & Duolingo.

Full tuition fees, living expenses & traveling cost included in  this fully funded scholarship. The basic eligibility criteria is one year full time work experience post graduation.

When any Indian student plans to study in the UK, there are large options for the scholarships in the UK for Indian students, which was offered by the UK government & universities as well.

Scholarships in the UK is open to all Indian students who want to pursue full-time courses in the UK.

Criteria to Apply for Scholarship in the UK

Before we list down the best scholarships in the UK for Indian students, let us understand the eligibility criteria for the scholar in the UK.

Getting the scholarship demands many factors, such as University Courses

  • University
  • Courses
  • Duration of the course

The best practice for the students is to get the complete information about the course or program they are looking to pursue &  get all the details about the university they are planning to apply.
There are many private organizations which also give a scholarships in the UK for Indian students & there are many options funded by the government as well.

What all is covered in the scholarship

The scholarships in the UK for Indian students covers tuition fees; however, there are many scholarships in UK which grants to Indian students that also cover the accommodation, travelling &  visa costs, and that depends on the academics of the Indian students.

List of Scholarships in the UK for Indian Students

Chevening Scholarship

Chevening is considered the best scholarships in UK for Indian students. Chevening is the UK government scholarship scheme for all those students who have excellent academics.

Students from all fields can apply for this scholarship & must have impeccable academics.
With the help of the Chevening scholarship, you can pursue any postgraduate course at any university in the UK.

The motto of the Chevening scholarship is to help all the deserving students planning for higher studies in the UK.

Chevening scholarships can fulfil the dreams of many students who are planning to study in a premier institution & looking for scholarships in the UK.   Apply Now

Rhodes Scholarship

When it comes to Rhodes scholarship, the only criteria’s that come to mind are exceptional academic, highly intellectual, and leadership quality. This scholarship is only for students admitted to the prestigious Oxford University.

In Rhodes scholarship covers all expenses are covered from college fees to airfares & personal expense as well.

Rhodes Scholarship is one of the best options for scholarships in the UK for Indian students who are young & dynamic.

Unfortunately, this scholarship is given to only five dynamics students each year.  Apply Now

GREAT Scholarship

GREAT scholarship is a partnership of GREAT & UK higher education institute which is provided for all deserving students who want to pursue undergraduate & postgraduate programmes.
GREAT is in partnership with almost 30+ universities in the UK & this scholarship is available for nearly 35 courses & provides total tuition fees.   Apply Now

Commonwealth Scholarship

Commonwealth scholarship is an international scholarship programme & offered only to the students who are citizens of the commonwealth countries.   Apply Now

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship

This scholarship is considered one of the most prestigious scholarships in the UK for Indian students, and this is available for those who are exceptionally good in academic & wants to pursue doctoral degrees in science & technology & economics as well.
St. Johns College launches the Dr Manmohan Singh scholarship, the University of Cambridge & it covers total academic fees, international airfares & living expenses.

As per the college, preference will be given to aerospace engineering & energy study applications.   Apply Now

Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus is the most popular scholarships in Uk for Indian students. The amount of scholarship depends on the course & duration of the study.

The motto behind this scholarship is to improve the quality of higher education & mostly non-EU residents get more scholarships than the EU residents.   Apply Now

Felix Scholarship

Felix scholarship grants to those students who are excellent in academics & less than the age of 30 years.

First class in bachelor degree is one of the basic requirements.

If any student gets the admission in Oxford University & University of Reading than only scholarship will be granted to you. Only six outstanding students are eligible for Felix Scholarship. Apply Now

Goa Education Trust Scholarships

Students from Goa who are looking for study in UK can get the scholarship from Goa Education Trust.

All eligible students can get the scholarship who wants to pursue their post-graduation from any universities in UK.

In granting the scholarship preference is always give to students who is a resident from Goa however students from out side Goa can also apply for the scholarship.

Applications are accepted on this email id. Apply Now

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

CWIT & British Council India work together to provide the scholarships in the UK for Indian students; scholarship is provided for short-term course & long-term course, which is up to one year.

If any student gets this scholarships in the UK, it covers the living cost, education fees & airfares. The only drawback of this scholarships in the UK is that it does not support two-year programmes.   Apply Now


All the lists mentioned above of scholarships in the UK for Indian students are top-rated and helped many students to fulfil their dreams & in future will also help many overseas education assistants.
Every scholarships in the UK for Indian students has different criteria & few of them supports specific colleges & programmes.

Before applying if you gather all the necessary information then the application process will be more straightforward.

Indian students who have good academics & are planning to study in the UK have many options available for scholarships in the UK for Indian students.


Click on UK Council for International Student Affair website to get the full information on full scholarship eligibility.
There are many universities who offers their own scholarship and you need to check the same on their websites.

Yes, getting scholarships in UK is difficult. At the same time its prestigious to get the same. There are few scholarships which will be grant for specific courses & specific universities.

Rhodes Scholarship grants scholarship to those who got the admission in Oxford University.

Chevening scholarship is considered the best scholarship for Indian students.

The basic eligibility for scholarships in the UK is as follows:

  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • Must completed the 10+3/10+4 education from an Indian university
  • Confirmed admission in UK university
  • Excellent academic skills

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