Human Rights Scholarships

Human Rights Courses & Scholarships ?

In our contemporary world, the preservation of peace, and security, and the unwavering commitment to respecting and upholding human rights have taken on paramount significance. With a multitude of global events unfolding daily – ranging from conflicts and forced displacement to environmental catastrophes – it’s essential to understand the complex legal rules that violate the rights of people worldwide.

Considering this complex situation many renowned universities offer programs on Humanitarian Law, Counter Terrorism, Military Ethics as well as Refugee Rights.

Here is the list of universities offering such courses as well as details of the scholarships available for the same:

LL.M in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Geneva Academy, Switzerland

  • Offers both full and partial scholarships for its LL.M program in Human Rights. Full scholarships cover the cost of tuition and living expenses in Geneva for ten months
  • It provides practical training in both international humanitarian law and human rights law, as well as international criminal law

LL.M in Human Rights, Columbia University, USA

  • Columbia’s LL.M program is a joint effort between their Human Rights Institute and their Law school.
  • Students who apply for the fellowship have the opportunity for a partial or full tuition waiver plus living stipends depending on demonstrated financial need
  • Students in this LL.M receive training from both institutes in the practical applications of human rights law

LL.M in Human Rights, Queen Mary University of London, U.K. 

  • Queen Mary University offers scholarships for the full cost of tuition for non-European students. Students must be studying full-time coursework 
  • Queen Mary’s program is the first association between a graduate school and a non-governmental organization. It’s designed to offer cutting-edge theory to students pursuing scholarship in human rights.

LL.M International Criminal Justice and Human Rights, University of Dundee, U.K. 

  • The University of Dundee offers two full scholarships for students demonstrating honors-level work in law and a commitment to work in human rights.
  • Students are trained in international court systems and contemporary issues in the field.
  • The LL.M focuses on issues such as organized crime, regional civil wars that cross borders and spill over into other affected territories, as well as international terrorist activity

LL.M in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University, USA 

  • American University’s Washington College of Law offers many opportunities for LL.M students to apply for full tuition funding and fellowships
  • The LL.M program is a hybrid master’s program with both onsite and online curriculum offerings, allowing students a wide range of flexibility to acquire their advanced degree

Fulbright Scholarship 

  • Fulbright scholarships are used for a wide variety of fields within international relations and security studies, including conflict resolution, diplomacy, intelligence studies, and international security to pursue graduate-level studies in the United States
  • Typically cover one to two years of study for master’s degree programs or up to six years for Ph.D. programs, depending on the specific scholarship offered
  • Covers tuition and related academic expenses
  • Recipients receive a living stipend to cover accommodation, meals, and other living costs.