5 Best Countries to Study MS Abroad

best countries for MS

We live in a world that recognizes the labels associated with Abroad MS Degree. It provides a remarkable prestige to your resume and introduction. Hence, most of the students are interested in studying MS abroad.

For those who wish to study MS abroad, this will be an essential guide to selecting the country best for you. First, you have to keep in mind the MS program and school type you prefer to pursue. Along with this comes cost consideration, reputation, level of education, return of investment (ROI), etc.

Following are the top 5 countries for MS with their program details.

USA (United States of America)

The US bears pride in its universities, as many have great World rankings. It is mainly due to the flexible education system providing outstanding support to international students making it culturally diverse. In addition, it has a unique curriculum giving plenty of work opportunities. They also have Optional Practice Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) that provides hands-on training.

The US is the only one giving you all these in one package!

Let’s not forget the strong Indian community existing there.

USA Tuition Fees & Cost of Living

The average monthly cost of living for international students is around 1000 USD, excluding the tuition fees. However, the cost of living may vary from student to student, depending on their lifestyle.

The cost of staying, including tuition fees, can vary from $12,000 -$18,000 per year, depending on where you stay.

How long can you stay in the USA after completing the master's program?

International students who wish to stay in the United States after completing their degree can do so through OPT. This temporary work permit allows students to achieve practical experience in their field of study for 12 months.

USA Student Visa Cost

There are 3 types of Visas when it concerns the USA:

  • F1 Visa
  • J1 Visa and
  • M1 Visa

For a student planning to study in the US, the visa application fee costs $160.

Some of the desired US colleges for MS are -


Over the past few years, international students studying at Canadian universities have increased as the years pass by. It has institutions varying in size, history, programs and specialities. Strict regulations in the United States make Canada a top destination for international students to pursue a master’s degree. Canadian degrees/diplomas are recognized by the highest standards worldwide. And you can get all of this at a surprisingly low price, both in education and living expenses.

Canadian Tuition Fees & Cost of Living

Studying in Canada varies from C$10,000 to C$30,000 per year. Therefore, who wish to pursue a graduate program in Canada, the cost of studying MS in Canada ranges from $15,000 to $55,000 per year. In addition to this, the student will need approximately CAD 10,000, which is about 12,000 USD, for living expenses.

How long can you stay in Canada after completing the master's program?

Canada is Microsoft’s preferred country. In addition, a Canadian Postgraduate Work Permit is valid for the same duration as your academic program, or you can stay for eight months to three years after completing your master’s degree.

Canadian Student Visa Cost

The Canadian Study Permit costs CAD 150.

Canada’s higher education sector sees cultural diversity in students due to the rise in international students coming to Canada to pursue education.

Few popular Canadian universities offering MS:


Australian qualifications are well appreciated by international level employers and scientists worldwide. Australian Degree can be divided into professional development owners, professional masters, and traditional academic masters. Professional Master Development offers specialization in a specific area.

Australian Tuition Fees & Cost of Living

International Students must meet financial requirements established by immigration and border protection.

Candidates must show INR 10.30 Lakhs for the first year to study in Australia. For graduate students, the fee can be about INR 17.30 Lakhs.

How long can you stay in Australia after completing the master's program?

You can stay in Australia for 18 months to get your experience if you have completed the study for two years in Australia.

All subclass visa costs for international students are AUD 575.

Australian Student visa cost

Some popular Australian colleges offering MS:


The German master’s program builds on best-in-class world experience in several fields, especially in applied sciences, engineering and related subjects. In Germany, the only selection criterion is academic achievement, supported by academic background, publications and patents.

Tuition Fees & Cost of Living in Germany

The public universities in Germany charge no tuition or minimum fees, while private universities can charge between INR 9 lakh and 10 lakh. Students also need around 7 million Indian Rupees for accommodation.

How long can you stay in Germany after completing the master's program?

Foreign international students who have obtained a master’s degree can find a job that fits their field of study with a residence permit in Germany for 18 months.

Germany Student visa cost

The German student visa fees are € 60.

Some popular colleges for MS :

United Kingdom

The UK Master’s course will be shorter than in other countries. Hence, it will be finished early without prejudice to the quality of education. You will save time and money on tuition fees and the cost of living. The UK has the second-largest university ranked in the top 100. The UK has a long-existing educational tradition with some universities.

Tuition Fees & Cost of Living in the UK

For international students, tuition ranges from £10,000 (~$14,130) to £38,000 (~$53,700). Also, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) requires international students to present a budget of £1,265 per month for living in London and £1,015 per month for living outside London, excluding tuition.

How long can you stay in the UK after completing the master's program?

14 months (for MS Course) + 2 years (post-study visa), making it 38 months of stay back period for international students after completing their degree.

UK Student visa cost

The Tier 4 regular visa fee is £348.


Some popular colleges offering MS:

  1. University of Oxford
  2. London School of Economics and Political Science
  3. University of Edinburgh
  4. University of Manchester
  5. University of Warwick
  6. Kings College London

Best of luck in pursuing your future studies.

To get more clarity about studying abroad visit us at Inforens.


To get more clarity about studying abroad visit us at Inforens.

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